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Inspire, Engage & Educate LLC specializes in strategic solutions and professional learning services that increase student and family engagement, build sustainable stakeholder partnerships, provide customized professional development opportunities to enhance instructional practices, and empower entrepreneurs. 


Training, Innovative Ideas, and Strategic Solutions in Education & Business Are Us!

We partner with education institutions, corporate entities, and organizations to provide training for stakeholders, implement innovative ideas, and design marketing materials for workshops and events. 

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Women Voting
Audiovisual Conference
In the Classroom
Kids in Art Class
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Inspire: Inspirational Workshops, Events, and Apparel
Engage: Corporate Training, Business Consulting, and Marketing Materials
Educate: Consulting, Coaching, and Mentoring

Business Meeting
Audiovisual Conference

Instructional Workshops 

EDU-Preneurship Certification
Inspirational Apparel and Events

We offer Instructional Workshops that provide hands-on training and expert guidance to help you develop the skills you need to succeed. Our dedicated team of professionals deliver a wide range of topics, from leadership to team building and more. Get inspired and take your ideas and endeavors to new heights with our services.

Educational Strategist
Corporate Training
Product Training
​Instructional Design
Marketing Materials

At Inspire, Engage & Educate, we believe that to achieve success, one must be inspired to learn, engaged in the training process, and properly educated to achieve their goals. Corporations often use our expertise before implementing learning or training initiatives. We offer corporate training programs in Team Building, Organizational Culture and Climate, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. 

As a value add to your customers or employees, customized training services are also available for products, processes, and procedures.

Our expert instructional designers work to create content that is tailored to your business needs and ensure that the training will be impactful and effective.

Additionally, we offer marketing and branding services to companies looking to expand their notoriety or engage customers. 

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Parent Engagement Services
NewTeacher Training 
Teacher Leader
Stakeholder Coaching & Mentoring

It is our commitment to provide high-quality training to educational stakeholders. Our Parent Engagement Services focus on strengthening the connection between parents and their children's learning by providing helpful resources, workshops, and online courses.

New Teacher Training is designed to help teachers make a successful transition into their role, while our Teacher Leader programs are intended to empower teachers to advance their careers within the education field. Our Stakeholder Coaching and mentoring services provide tailored support to ensure success for everyone involved in the educational process.

Our company is a triple minority-owned business that is passionate about equity and diversity within the business community and welcomes partnerships with corporations to expand opportunities for minority-owned businesses.


As an Educational Strategist and Entrepreneur, I founded Inspire, Engage & Educate to provide dynamic solutions for clients in both the education and business industries. Our company supports partners by delivering exceptional service and expert guidance in training and implementing strategic solutions. Whether it's training for a product or process, our team is equipped to provide clients with the necessary skills and knowledge to accomplish their strategic goals. We pride ourselves on offering engaging and transformative experiences that improve the success of our clients' organizations.


Please feel free to inquire about customized services, and we look forward to becoming your thought partner in accomplishing your goals. Contact us today.

Founder, Tierra Reed Ed.S 

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"Do not go where the path may lead. Instead, go where there is no path and leave a trail"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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